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A careful selection of the best productions of local and regional wines to accompany our dishes.

A wide range of high quality wines to exalt the flavours of the Caletta’s restaurant delicacies and satisfy your palate.

Wine List

Azienda Agricola Terenzuola

The Azienda Agricola Terenzuola is located in Fosdinovo, right in the middle of Luni’s Hills.

To this date, since 1930, two generations of winegrowers in a borderland between Liguria and Tuscany.


Fosso di Corsano (13,5°)

Vermentino Superior D.O.C. Luni’s Hills


La Merla della Miniera (14°)

Red Wine Tuscany IGT

Azienda Agricola Giacomelli

Giacomelli Cellars are located in the Luni’s Hills area, in Castelnuovo Magra.

The owner Roberto Petacchi is thoroughly embracing a productive choice on wines that are more and

more defined and original, combining finesse with elegance.



Boboli (14°)

Vermentino 95%, Malvasia di Candia 5%

Bright deep straw yellow colour with flecks of gold.

To be matched with shellfish and seafood courses.


Vino Rosato Gorgonia (12°)
IGT Liguria di Levante. Sangiovese, Canaiolo.

Coral pink, delicate and clear.

Aromas of wild strawberries and pomegranate.

Ottaviano Lambruschi

Ottaviano Lambruschi’s azienda Agricola is located in the locality of Costa Marina, Castelnuovo Magra.

The owner has introduced modern techniques which are combined with traditional production methods, so the outcome is extraordinary.


Costa Marina (13°)

Vermentino 100%

A delicate scented white wine

Dry flavour

Ideal match: shellfish and seafood first courses.

Cantine Federici

The Cantine Federici, which is a part of the Azienda Agricola ‘La Baia del Sole’, is located in Luni, an ancient village in Ortonovo. The Federici Family produces high quality wine, which has been recognized and praised by numerous wine journals, joining important events at national and international level.


Solaris (13°)

Colli di Luni Vermentino D.O.C. Bright straw-yellow colour.

Floral aroma, with a hint of peach and golden apple.

Ideal match: seafood starters and main courses.


Sarticola (14°)
Colli di Luni Vermentino D.O.C. Bright straw-yellow colour with flecks of gold.

Dry flavour

Ideal match: ‘trofie’ (handmade pasta) with a pesto sauce or grilled shellfish.


Gladius (13°)
Vermentino 65%, Albarola 25%, Malvasia 10%

A distinctly fruity aroma

Ideal match: seafood starters.

Cantine Lunae

The “Cantina Lunae” is located in Castelnuovo Magra.

Paolo Bosoni’s idea is to keep the quality’s integrity reached in the vineyard in the cellar too by monitoring carefully

and consistently all the steps involved in wine making.



Etichetta Nera (13°)

Colli di Luni Vermentino D.O.C.


Pigato (13,5°)
White Wine D.O.C.

Western Ligurian Riviera


Niccolò V Riserva (13,5°)
Red Wine D.O.C. Luni’s Hills

Nonno Pescetto's Cellar

Nonno Pescetto’s Cellar is located in Santo Stefano Magra.

The wine company has kept its ancient traditions passed onto the present owners by “Nonna Catò”,

who started selling the wine made from her vineyards exactly 120 years ago.



Vermentino Colli di Luni D.O.C. (12,5°)

Vermentino 100%

Aromas: deep, pleasant, persistent and fruity

Azienda Agricola Spagnoli

Spagnoli Andrea’s Azienda Agricola is located on the hills of Masignano, Arcola.

Its Vermentino has obtained a series of important local and regional awards.


Spagnoli (13°)

Colli di Luni Vermentino D.O.C.

Floral notes of acacia.

Dry flavour.

Santa Caterina

Santa Caterina’s Azienda Agricola is located on the rich clay hills in proximity of the medieval town of Sarzana.


Santa Caterina (13°)

Colli di Luni Vermentino D.O.C.

Wine making procedure: the grapes are pressed whole; then the wine, which will decanter naturally, is left in steel containers to ferment.


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