"Our Dishes"

Amelia’s special recipes will astound you; you’ll taste unique delicious dishes, prepared with high quality ingredients.
Her cuisine is a truly genuine sensory experience that will delight your palate with its lightness and great taste and fully satisfy your sight.


All ingredients are locally sourced, fresh and preferably seasonal. We can always guarantee the origin of our selected products as we buy safely from our local producers.  For this reason, our menu constantly changes, according to the products availability.


Amelia’s passion for food and cooking has been nourished since childhood. Amelia’s dishes come from old traditional recipes, her love for food and the experience in cooking handed down from mother to daughter for generations.


Once moved to Liguria, Amelia has a chance to turn her passion into a career at the Caletta’s Tavern Restaurant in Tellaro, in the municipality of Lerici, a wonderful village nestled in the amazing Gulf of the Poets.

Tasting Menu La Caletta

The Caletta’s Restaurant “Tasting Menu La Caletta” contemplates over 20 varieties of fish and as many varieties of preparations.
It’s divided into 3 phases: cold, warm and hot tastings.


It includes a great selection of seafood delicacies, which varies according to the fresh fish available on the day and the availability of seasonal products.


It may include:

Octopus à la Tellarese (of Tellaro) - Seafood Salad - Stone bass in a creamy sauce - Salmon with sweet red onions - Salted “Sciacca” anchovies or marinated anchovies - Stuffed mussels – Gratin mussels – Gratin scallops - Fish balls - Razorclams – Big fish crumpets  - Sweet & sour swordfish - Crab claws with curry - Aubergine springrolls with bufala mozzarella - Vegetable quiches - Chickpea cakes – Stuffed squid – Lean capon – Bacon and sea bass rolls - Monkfish – Stewed cuttlefish - Tuna in sesame crust - Steamed prawns - Creamed codfish – Stewed hake – Rolled salmon

A’ la Carte Menu

Special Dishes

"By order"

Sea crudités
(according to the fresh fish caught on the day)
Tuna tartare, different kinds of tartare, red prawns, caramote prawns, langoustines, sea bass and oysters



Catalan of crustaceans

As main course a fish based dish with prawns, king prawns and lobster, all cooked in the oven then garnished with fruit and vegetables



- Chocolate & Ricotta cake -

A short pastry based cake with fresh ricotta cheese and melted dark chocolate


- Babà -

A cake cooked in the oven, prepared with rising agent dough,

soft and soaked in an alcoholic liquid (traditionally rum or lemon liqueur).

It’s a traditional cake from Naples


- Sicilian cassata -

A traditional Sicilian cake made with fresh sweetened “ricotta cheese”

(traditionally goat cheese), sponge cake, “pasta reale” and candied fruit


- Catalan type of “custard” -

A spoon dessert typical of Catalonia made with a soft and creamy type of custard

cooked in the oven, topped off with a crunchy film of caramelized sugar


- Lemon liqueur cake -

A soft and fragrant cake, made with yoghurt and lemon liqueur,

topped off with lemon liqueur custard



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© 2018 Osteria La Caletta - All rights reserved

P.I. 01407710118


© 2018 Osteria La Caletta
All rights reserved

P.I. 01407710118